5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 2


The precious present moment.

Yesterday, we decided we will be grateful for the small things in life like water, electricity, food, etc. Today, as we continue with Day 2 of our Gratitude Challenge, I encourage you to be grateful for the precious present moment.

When was the last time you connected and you were conscious about the moment? When was the last time you enjoyed the moment and your brain wasn’t thinking about yesterday or the future?

Many of us carry a lot of baggage from our childhood and through life, remembering everything every single day. But the thing is, does it still even exist? This morning does not exist anymore. It’s in the past along with yesterday, last week, last month, and 10 years ago. We fail to focus on the precious present moments because we remember the emotional baggage we have from our past.

The precious present moment is the only moment that we have. Today, I want you to work hard to focus on the present as much as you can. Not yesterday, because that’s done, and not the future, because it hasn’t even happened yet.

Be grateful for the only moment that we have and can control – which is right here and right now.

When we live in stress and anxiety from things that happened in the past, does it help the current situation? Will it help you move forward? The answer is no. We know we cannot change the past and the only thing to do is accept it. It is easier said than done and I am not expecting you to be perfect, but I want to encourage you to try your best and be more focused on the present.

So for Day 2 of our gratitude challenge, I want to invite you to practice being conscious and living in the now. Whenever your brain thinks about the past or the future, bring it back to the present – here and now.

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