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5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 3


Health and wealth go hand in hand with each other.

Our Creator gave us such healthy bodies from when we were babies, but as we age, we kinda take it for granted. We don’t really connect with our own bodies and realize how much it is giving us to perform every day.

Without a body that’s physically healthy, there’s really not much we can do.

I am in the financial industry and I may not know much about health, but I believe that health and wealth are like your left and right hands. You need them both in life.

I have seen my parents, especially my mom, sacrifice her health for wealth. She worked and ignored her body. She did not exercise and eat healthy. She was able to build massive wealth – from zero to a million-dollar empire, but a couple of years ago, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She needed to use her hard-earned wealth to repair what was damaged and while she is now cancer-free, she went back to her old self. When she recovered, she started getting busy again with meetings and phone calls, neglecting her health.

Trading your health for wealth is the worst kind of trade you will ever do in your life. You cannot buy your health back once it’s gone.

I want you to look at your health as a gracious gift that was given to you by your Creator. You won’t feed it junk food and you will exercise to take care of it.

Just like machines, when you put too much pressure on it and do not maintain it, it will eventually break down.

I want to challenge you today to take a moment today and really connect with your own self and your body. Connect with every piece of you and be grateful for each part of your body that helps you be there all these years, no matter how much pressure you put on it.

Treat your body with love, respect, nutritious food, and the right exercise. That’s how we get to enjoy our lives.

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