5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 4


The challenges that we face in life.

Sometimes, we get frustrated and we ask why we face the challenges that come our way. We ask why we can’t do something, why we are not able, why things are happening to us.

When I was younger, I only got to see my parents twice a month. I would always ask why I never see them around, why it was happening to me, and why other kids didn’t have to go through the same thing. But now, I look back and I am very grateful for that experience. It helped me become very independent. It helped me grow stronger and tougher.

When I came to the US, I thought I needed to get a degree to earn a lot of money, so I got a Master’s Degree. After earning my Master’s Degree, I had a hard time finding jobs and when I found one, I only got paid the basic salary. I got upset because I spent so much money on college but I still couldn’t get the financial freedom that I desired.

But I am still grateful for that, because it opened a new path for me, to become an entrepreneur and an investor. If I had graduated and secured a high-paying job right after, I would be comfortable there. I wouldn’t be seeking other opportunities to earn money, I wouldn’t learn how to become an entrepreneur and an investor.

Later on, the journey to entrepreneurship was still not easy. There were so many challenges, so many mistakes, and so much money spent, but I am still very grateful. I do not get upset anymore because I would rather have made those mistakes when I was younger, instead of making them when I’m a lot older.

In today’s gratitude challenge, I want you to embrace each challenge that may come to your life now. Maybe it is challenging because of COVID-19, maybe it’s a challenge for your business, no matter what it is, embrace that moment even when it’s challenging.

The only way you will grow is to move past the challenges that come your way. Those moments will come and go. When you grow out of it, it’s gone. Embrace the challenges and say thank you. Thank you for giving me this challenge so I can grow into a better person and live to my full potential.

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