I like to talk about the lesson that I’ve learned from playing golf and how do I apply that to the business.
The journey to become an entrepreneur is not easy however it’s very very fulfilled, the person you can become, it is so worth it. We must always enjoy the process; enjoy the person that you have grown into. Second, long-term thinking versus instant gratification. Lastly, everything that we do you always prepare, prepare, prepare and then you practice, practice and then you visualize it.

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In this podcast Sam Crowley did an interview with me to dive in on to my story.

I really appreciate Sam’s coaching and I owe a lot of things to him because before I don’t really think my story is that important but he emphasize that and that’s a big part of my speaking. Actually, everybody after they listen to me speak, they say “Angeline, your story it’s really very very powerful” and every time they say that, I just think about Sam because he is the person who told me that.

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In the Podcast, I share the story of my dance teach that he can teach lessons from 8am until midnight. He enjoys it so much, he doesn’t feel it’s working. He enjoys helping others through dancing.
What’s your passion in life? What’s something you enjoy doing so much that even without getting paid.
Comment below and share your passion with me!

Check more Information about Angeline Wehmeyer :  https://angeline360.com