In this video I share my personal story, the old me used to be so driven by success and achievement, I never know how to enjoy life.
Through constant and consistent personal growth, I have breakthrough myself. I realize life is journey, not a destination, I now enjoy every moment, when I’m with my kids, I’m present for them. When I’m with my friends, I’m present with them. When I work, I fully focus.
I hope from my personal experience, it will add value to your life.
Live in the moment!

This is one of the mistakes that I made in my early career, I don’t have the patience and I want things fast.
However, this is what I’ve learned over the years. Anything worthwhile takes time and patience, so I adopt the new mindset of delayed gratification and long term thinking.
My whole life changes after I adopt this new mindset. I hope this message add value to your life.

While I was driving and listening to Tony Robbins’s CDs, all of the sudden the tears just came down from my face. I’m not feeling sad, I’m feeling grateful. I’m grateful for over the years, the mentors has come into my life, their message has made an impact in me.
I hope I can be that mentor you may not even meet in person, however the messages that I share with you can make a difference in your life.
We only live once, either make it meaningful or with regrets. It’s totally up to you!