Life is not a destination; it is an ongoing journey.


Over the holidays, my family and I saw a movie that really spoke to me. The story is about a music lover. He thought that when he became famous and fulfilled his dream, his life would be completely different. However, towards the end, he realized that it was still the same.

That was how I lived my life. When I came to the US, I only had one goal – to have a family and become financially free. That was what drove me and I thought that my life would completely change when I reach a certain financial success.

Over the years, whenever I would reach a milestone, I would move on to the next one, and that continues. I feel like I was in a rat race, constantly looking for the next one, the next achievement. This movie led me to realize that life is a journey. It is not one destination, it is a continuous journey.

Because of this, I think I finally understand the meaning of life. It is living our life, pursuing our dreams, serving others, hanging out with family, and having fun, including setbacks and challenges. I realized that I am not after the end result, but the process and the person I have become.

Why don’t we just embrace this journey and be fully present in each moment?

I know a lot of stay-at-home moms and I am one of them. On one hand, they want to be there and take care of their family but on the other hand, they have their entrepreneurial goals. We feel like when we put too much pressure on achieving our entrepreneurial goals, we might end up neglecting our family. That is also one thing I struggled with in the past few years – keeping the balance.

Because of that, this is my biggest takeaway this year: In life, there is no equal amount of time that you put in certain things. It is about being fully present in each task at hand. For example, in the past 10 years, the majority of my focus was on my family. Giving birth to my beautiful children and watching them grow. Now, as they grow, my focus is on building myself and my business, but that does not mean I am completely letting go of my family. It just means that when I am working on my business, I am fully focused on it, and when I spend time with my children, I am fully present at the moment too.

This is something that I believe will make or break and take your 2021 to the next level – when you master becoming fully present in each task you are handed.

This is still something that I am working on too. It is not a quick fix and it is something that you need to practice. Like when I was watching a movie, my mind keeps on wandering and thinking about my to-do lists, and I have to constantly bring my mind back to the present. I constantly train my mind to be fully present with each task that I am doing.

For 2021, I set a bigger goal for myself. I used to be focused on results, but for 2021, I want to focus on being fully present on my current tasks and the process. I believe that when you focus on the process, the results will follow.2021 is coming. Do not wait until the new year comes. Be fully present now and map out what you want to accomplish in 2021.

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