Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make- Day 1



This weekend I was meditating and I was listening to this spiritual teacher who said that when we were born, we come with nothing and until we pass on, we cannot take anything with us.

This idea is awakening for me because when I look back on my journey to financial freedom and building my business, I realized that one of the mistakes I made was the attachment I have to my business.

Maybe it’s because of the Asian culture – I’ve seen my mother build and run her business and she has sacrificed all her time, money, and even her health for it. Maybe I learned that from her.

That awakening told me that I can build my business, grow myself, and pursue success but I should not get too attached.

So many people build their businesses and think that sacrificing their everything for it is the key to success, but I realized that tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed. We are here to enjoy every moment of life we have and not to imprison ourselves in the idea that we have to give our lives up to be financially free.

Detach yourself from the outcome and your business. Your business is created for you to serve your purpose and not to create more stress. That’s a mistake that I made and I hope that this helps more people detach from their businesses and live each moment of life more each day.

Enjoy the growth, enjoy the process. Greatness is not built overnight, it’s built over time. Take each moment as they come and live your life to the fullest.

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