Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make- Day 3


Lack of Time Management

As an entrepreneur, our passion and mission are to serve the world, make a difference, and have freedom. We get into the business to build a lifestyle.

But a lot of people start entrepreneurship and in the end, realize that they have just created a situation that’s much worse than before.

Have you ever felt very busy but when you look at your business, the growth is not what you expected? Or maybe experienced growing your business but compromising your health and relationships? I was that person too.

I was so focused on building my business that I was willing to sacrifice other aspects of my life because I believed that in the future, it will all be worth it because I will have freedom for the rest of my life. A lot of people do this and get burned out and quit. Because of this, I realized that having a strategy and creating balance for your lifestyle is very important.

This is what I recommend: Present Moment.

Manage your time. I block off a certain time in my schedule to work on my business and tell my children that during those hours, I will be busy. They do not interrupt me and I am able to do my job well. I also block off certain hours that I spend only with my family, uninterrupted, and no business included. I get to be present in every moment that I have with my family.

It’s a very simple concept, but it is not easy to do. Like muscles and habits, time management takes time to develop.

My team gathers on Sundays at 7PM CST and plans ahead. We look back on the previous week, we talk about what we need to improve, what we did right, and what the coming week would be. During these sessions, I block off personal time on my schedule too. That includes time to myself and time for my family.

Managing your time well will help you overcome burnout and perform at your best. We have to take care of ourselves to better take care of everything else.

Be present in each moment completely and do not get lost in the process of building your business. It does not happen overnight. It takes time. Take your time.

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