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In the past 2 weeks, I went on a retreat and took time for myself and my family. Normally, when I take time for myself and my family, I spend it watching some of my favorite shows. There’s this singer in China that I follow, his name is Charlie Zhou, and I would like to share his story with you today.

Charlie is young, around 25 years old, and was born with a very high-pitched voice. When he was growing up, people made fun of him and he got picked on for having a female sounding voice. That had a huge impact on him, but he loved to sing.


He had this passion for singing, but because he was picked on for his voice, he decided to dim his light and study dentistry instead of pursuing his dream to become a singer instead. When he was in school, he was suffering because he was not passionate about it and it was in a different language, so it was very challenging for him.

After about 2 years in dental school, he realized that he was suffering so much and that he wasn’t seeing the light in that career for him. He then decided to take a chance and pursued his passion for singing, but he did not have the confidence. He attended a show, similar to The Voice, and when he started singing, all the judges were so fascinated. 3 out of 4 coaches turned for him and told him that his voice was the most beautiful they’ve ever heard and it had an angelic quality. That’s where he started building his confidence in singing and now, he has become a very famous singer in China.

Have you ever thought about what you’re passionate about? What is something that is unique in you that lights you up? What gives you juice in life?

I want to encourage you to not just listen to this, but to connect with yourself and discover what fuels you and what gets you up everyday.


In the past 2 weeks, I did not do anything. I let loose, I did not follow any routine, I watched 5 movies in one day, and then I started to have this feeling creeping on me. All of a sudden, I felt depressed and like I lost my direction and I lost hope.

I drifted away from my purpose, which is serving others and growing every single day. After the holidays, I started to rebuild my habits and routines. I started to get back on track and I remembered my purpose.

Just like Charlie, whenever he gets asked about how much money he wants to make during interviews, he says that he just wants to continue to have the opportunity to be on stage and sing, for his voice to bring hope, light, and joy to other people’s lives. That resonated with me and made me ask myself about my purpose, my passion, and what makes me excited about life – which is continuing to grow, reach my highest human potential, and to serve others.

Over the holidays, my sister, my daughter, and I did something fun and went around and gave back to our neighborhood. We rode our bicycles and dropped off small gifts to our neighbors and the feeling was so amazing.

I encourage you to discover what your purpose is. Without purpose, a clear direction, a vision – we will perish. This is a journey of discovery. It will take time for you to discover your purpose.


What is the vehicle you are using to take your passion and purpose to help you live it?

Charlie’s passion is singing, his purpose is to bring love, joy, and happiness to his fans and the world, and the path he chose is to become a singer. He never takes his stages for granted. He treats every stage as precious opportunities to use his gift to deliver his passion and purpose.

The path that I have chosen is the path to help people and empower people to take control of their financial future, bring financial awareness to America, and to help people become financially independent.

This path that I chose requires me to become bigger than myself. Doing these videos, the podcast, I do not feel naturally comfortable in doing.

First of all, I feel that there is this language barrier which I continue to improve – I often have a hard time expressing myself in English. Speaking online and offline is very challenging. These are things that I am not naturally comfortable doing, but I do it anyway because it is the path that I have chosen to fulfill my life’s purpose and the things I am passionate about.

I am not perfect, but through the practice, getting out of my comfort zone, focus on serving others, I live my purpose and my passion.

I want to encourage you to spend some time and start to think about intentionally finding your passion and purpose, and what kind of path you will choose to fulfill that.

I believe that you can have anything you want to have in life, but the question is, do you already have a crystal clear vision of what you want to accomplish?

What is your passion? What is your purpose? What path do you choose to fulfill them? Finding out your passion, purpose, and the right path is a journey. Take time and use this as an everyday practice to continue learning and discovering your passion and purpose until you find the right path for you.

I believe in the power of you. I believe that you can do anything as long as you put your mind and intentionally take action towards your goals. I hope to talk to you soon!

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