“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” – Tony Robbins


How many of you would love to live life freely? Without constant worry about money? How many of you would love to enjoy life to the fullest, spend more time with your family, and do the things you really enjoy?

My mission in life is to help people live a free life. A life that is free from constant stress.

In over 11 years in the US, I always ask myself how I can have true financial freedom and just enjoy it? I ask this because after I graduated, I went right to work. I did not get to travel and enjoy the beautiful scenery in China. When I came to the US, I studied again and got busy working after graduating. I didn’t really get to travel until recently. If that is also you, I highly encourage you to discover the journey of starting your own business and start becoming an entrepreneur.

I am very grateful for my husband. He is very supportive. After we got married, he told me that I can be a stay-at-home mom if I did not want to work. But in the meantime, I was also concerned. I was concerned because at the time, my husband did have a great source of income, but what if he loses it? What’s going to happen to our family?

I was wondering what I could do at home so I could have additional income, so I would have money when I wanted to buy something, for personal growth, and to help the family out as well. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t have any business experience. All I had was the desire to become an entrepreneur.

I started to read books about what business I can start at home. Then, I read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad that mentioned investments as a good way to start, but if you did not have money to start investing, you may want to start owning a business. It also introduced the business of direct selling and coming from China, I did not know what direct selling was.

So I went on Google and searched direct selling. I was living in New Jersey and I found this jewelry company. I got in touch with the lady who sells jewelry, and I did not know what I was doing, but I wanted to learn how to run my own business. It was my very first business experience and it was to set up a booth with jewelry to sell in my school. That got me started in the business, but I did not feel passionate about it, so that vehicle did not work out for me.

When my husband and I moved to Texas, I got into health and nutrition. I was in that business for almost 5 years, but that did not work out either because I wasn’t passionate about it. I made a lot of connections, expanded my network, and developed many skills because of that business, and I am very grateful for it.

If your business does not work out, do not complain that business is bad. I have always believed that there are no bad investments, there are only bad investors. The business model itself has no problem, it’s just the person who runs the business. I don’t feel bad that that business venture did not work out, because later on, I have been through many other businesses until I landed in the kind that I am really passionate about – I now have a financial services company.

My husband and I always look for ways to have different streams of income. There are 2 types of passive income – investments and businesses. Building a business is always an ongoing thing for me, but my husband and I are always looking at investments to make. We have experienced going to financial advisors for help, but we did not get much help because we did not learn much about the investments we wanted to make.

I am very grateful that I met someone who introduced me to the financial services industry. He taught me a lot about investing and it really opened my mind. My husband and I used to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars in learning different types of investments, but he taught us information that was life-changing. We applied what we learned and established an even stronger financial foundation for our family.

Today, some people worry about COVID-19 and how it’s affecting everyone, but we just move forward and weather the storm because the information that we learned and the investments we made years ago made a difference in our lives. That’s when I started developing the passion to get into the financial industry.

Surprisingly, regardless of how much money is made, people do not always know how money works. I have met people with a lot of money and people without money, and when I share what I know, it is new knowledge to them. This made me more passionate about helping more people and making a bigger difference in their lives.2020 was my best income year from all my business ventures combined. This is why I want to encourage you to find a way to develop multiple streams of income.

Your salary is only good until you lose your job. You will earn it steadily for years, but it does not have much potential to grow and you can lose it anytime. Your business, however, will not be as stable as a salary would be in the beginning, but over time will grow without limits as long as you do not give up.

I also do not recommend immediately jumping ship and leaving your job to start a business, but to start developing additional streams of income while you have that job to pay your bills. That’s what I teach people. My goal is to help people have additional streams of income and I believe that in order to be successful in doing that, there are 3 things you need:1. The right vehicle- Not all businesses will work for everybody. You need to find one that you are passionate about.2. The strategy- When you finally identify your vehicle, what are you going to do with it? What is your strategy? Find out how to run the business in a way that would benefit you.3. A mentor- If I look back and somebody like me would be there to guide me, I probably wouldn’t have made the mistakes I made and I wouldn’t have lost all that money.

We are already in February and I am looking for 5 serious people that I can personally train to go from 0 to build a successful multi-million dollar business. If that is you, I would love to have a conversation with you.

Here’s what I am looking for:

1. You gotta have a burning desire. I am not going to motivate you.

2. You gotta be committed. Building a business is not easy. It takes time, dedication, discipline, and consistency.

Why am I doing this? Because I know what it is like to not know what to do. I am very grateful that I have cracked the code and achieved that. I want to save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in your personal improvement. I do this because I experienced both the struggle and the freedom.

I help people and the comfort that they get and give their families, the joy they feel after, it’s priceless. It is fulfilling.

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