7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life- Day 7


7. Consistency and Discipline

As a coach in the financial services industry, I have met so many people who take their dreams to me and ask for help to make them happen. I help layout plans and keep them accountable for their actions, and while some achieve their goals within the timeline they plan, some do not.

Most of the time, people who do not achieve results from their plans and actions are those who are inconsistent and are not fully committed to the process of building wealth.

In 2020, I’ve been very thankful for COVID-19. I’m very thankful because we had no choice but to travel less. In 2020, I started working on my personal health. I started eating right, exercising, and training consistently to get myself in shape.

Imagine if I signed up for my coach and I only attended when I felt like it, do you think I would create any results? No, it would be a complete waste of time. Instead, what I do is I show up every single time. I’m never late and I never reschedule. Because of that consistency, I have never felt so alive before.

It is the same thing when it comes to wealth creation. Not because you listened to my talk today, you become rich the next day. It takes consistency and discipline.

In every aspect of our lives, consistency and discipline are the keys.

When it comes to your dream to achieve financial freedom, are you just interested to make it happen or are you committed to making it happen?

If you are really committed to making it happen for you, as long as you apply what I teach and these 7 steps, it is only a matter of time before you get the results that you want.

I believe that good people deserve to make good money and live life to the fullest. Finance is one of the most important aspects of our life that we should never neglect.

I encourage you to start paying attention to your finances – educate yourself, find a financial coach, and take care of your finances.

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