About Me


Expert In Financial Empowerment

I am committed to inspiring others to achieve their true potential as entrepreneurs and investors. As a Personal Financial Coach in Texas, my mission is to educate people and provide solutions to create even more financial abundance in their lives. As a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, Top Financial Coach in Texas, I’ve chosen to channel my talents towards empowering people from all walks of life.

Lifelong Entrepreneurship

I didn’t grow up with much money at all and we did not have nice things either. In fact, my family struggled to make ends meet. My parents had no choice but to leave me behind with my grandparents so they could work at the border between China and Vietnam. They didn’t have any business experience, or any formal schooling either, all they had was a burning desire to succeed and to provide me with a better future. When I went to visit my parents, I witnessed how hard they had been working, sometimes they worked long hours under the hot sun and didn’t even have time to eat.

After years of hard work, it finally paid off, my parents became self-made millionaires in China, and because of their sacrifice, I was able to come to the United States to get a good education.

My parents inspired me to become an entrepreneur. They planted a seed in me that if you work hard in your own business everything is possible. Eventually I joined the prestige group of top Top Financial Coach in Texas. I had always dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur just like my parents, especially my mom. She is my role model. She is very humble and kind and worked so hard to break the cycle of poverty in our family.

I am my own boss

Over the past ten years, I have tried many different business ventures. I have been through a lot of ups and downs, but I never gave up. I stayed focused on my dream to become a successful entrepreneur and a Personal Finance Expert in Texas. I wanted to have time freedom, so I could create my own destiny. One where no one could tell me how much I am worth. I determine my value, I write my paycheck, I decide when I want to go on vacation, without asking for anyone’s permission! Eventually I became very successful in creating multiple streams of passive income. I started out investing in real estate. I then moved into the financial industry where I learned the countless vehicles to grow your wealth while minimizing risks and taxes. I have taken that experience and helped countless clients as a Top Financial Coach in Texas.

I hope my personal story can be an inspiration for you to join me on the journey to become an entrepreneur.

Proven Financial Strategist

Even though my parents created wealth in their lives, they traded their time and their health for money. They never really experienced any joy in their lives. After seeing this I believed that there must be a better way to create wealth. Working hard is not enough; you need to work smart. I spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in my financial and business education to find a way to have money work for me instead of myself working for money.

I genuinely believe in passive residual income; that’s how you have real wealth and freedom. That’s why I developed Cash Accelerator System. I put years into learning and developing a proven system, and then making it simple for people to follow and apply in their lives. Now the people that follow my program can create even more wealth and have more time with their family traveling or enjoying their lives or pursuing their passion.