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Sam Crawley
#1 Motivational Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes (100+ Countries)

“Cracking the Rich Code exceptionally teaches the principles and philosophies of the wealthy that anyone can apply. You won’t find more heart and passion for creating financial confidence and wealth than this. Angeline Wehmeyer has helped hundreds of people and families design the path towards financial freedom, this book is a MUST!”

Most people won’t do anything about changing their life and financial future. 80% of people are predicted to have to go back to work after retirement, if ever, they could retire. Now is really the time to rethink your money strategy and financial direction to achieve financial freedom and long term wealth. The principles and strategies taught in Cracking the Rich Code are ESSENTIAL!

Dave Vanhoose
Founder of Inc 500 Company

“If you are seeking absolute control over your finances and making more money through investing in today’s economy, this book will give you so much insight, and real investing principles of the wealthy. Once you understand the sequence, you will see why thousands of people before you have trusted these trainings when it comes to your financial Future!”

Bill Walsch
Founder of Global Powerteam International

“According to the latest stats the average couple at retirement have less than $7,000 in the bank. They don’t plan for this to happen. They simply don’t have a plan for it not to happen. The reality is that most people never think about their financial future until it’s too late. They hope that “someday” things will magically change for the better, but for 90% it never does. Now is the time to rethink your money strategy and financial direction and develop a plan for long term wealth. If you want a solid plan for your financial future, the step-by-step principles and strategies taught in this book are ESSENTIAL!”

Jim Britt
New York Times Best Selling Author And
World's Top 20 Entrepreneur Success Coach

Cracking the Rich Code

This book offers powerful thought-provoking entrepreneurial insights, stories and investment strategies from legendary entrepreneurs.

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About Angeline Wehmeyer

Why a career in financial training and learning?

Financial training is Angeline’s primary passion. She is 100% committed to helping men and women gain the confidence they need to reach and maintain financial abundance and freedom in life and in business. Her unique and efficient approach to learning enables clients to navigate today’s complex financial world with ease and success.

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