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Episode 72

Day 3: How to Become an Abundant Wealth Creator

I have a lot of conversations with people about finance – it’s what I do.  People will ask me how they can make some extra money, usually with the goal of being able to spend it on something they are interested in – vacations, new clothes, etc. The kicker is, if people would shift their…

Episode 71

Day 2: How to Become an Abundant Wealth Creator

What if money was no longer a limitation? What if you had an abundance of wealth to help people and lead a fulfilling life? Regardless of your age or current financial situation, financial freedom is attainable. Better yet, it can happen faster than you think. Wealth is a strategy... and strategies can be learned. The…

Episode 70

Day 1: How to Become an Abundant Wealth Creator

“There are no limitations to how good you can become or how high you can rise except the limits you put on yourself.” – Brain Tracy“Abundance is everywhere. ”We are living in the age of abundance, and we are all looked after by the universe in every single way. Today we will be discussing wealth…

Episode 69

Day 5: Why 95% of Population can’t Retire Comfortably after working for 40 years

It’s no secret that Americans are falling short when it comes to saving and investing enough for retirement. But as a new report shows, many are disastrously unprepared — and that may point to flaws in the system.

Episode 68

Day 4: Why 95% of Population can’t Retire Comfortably after working for 40 years

Here’s the Number 1 reason why seniors work well into retirement

Episode 67

Why 95% of Population Cannot Retire Comfortably After Working For 40 Years

The times have changed. At one point in our history, retirement was a given, an all-but-assured final chapter after years of working hard. While some people might choose to work past 65, many look forward to leaving the workforce. Today, enjoying one's golden years work-free has become an unattainable dream for many — even if…

Episode 66

Why Process Driven is more important than Result Driven

So, what is a process? A process for everything you do in your business is much like a guarantee. You can guarantee results and assure that you are making strides in a positive direction based on a proven history. In this video, I dive deep and explain why you should be process-driven and the importance…

Episode 65

Day 1: Inner Awakening

Coming Soon...

Episode 64

What it takes to have financial freedom

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Episode 63

Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make- Day 3

Lack of Time Management As an entrepreneur, our passion and mission are to serve the world, make a difference, and have freedom. We get into the business to build a lifestyle. But a lot of people start entrepreneurship and in the end, realize that they have just created a situation that's much worse than before.…

Episode 62

Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make- Day 2

Neglecting Personal Finances A lot of entrepreneurs are so focused on growing their business and generating income that they forget to create additional streams of income to add to their portfolio. I have been guilty of this in the past too. As entrepreneurs, we have the power to make a difference. This is something that's…

Episode 61

Mistakes that Most Entrepreneurs Make- Day 1

Attachment This weekend I was meditating and I was listening to this spiritual teacher who said that when we were born, we come with nothing and until we pass on, we cannot take anything with us. This idea is awakening for me because when I look back on my journey to financial freedom and building…

Episode 60

Your net worth is your network.

When you truly understand the power of investing in great relationships, your whole life will transform. Many people, when it comes to investing, would say it makes sense to invest in mentorship, personal health, insurance, and the likes but would not see relationships in the same light. In one of the previous videos I posted,…

Episode 59

Investing in your health

Why is investing in health important in creating wealth? Health and wealth are like your left and right hands. You do not just train your muscles on one hand to be able to use them, you have to train both. That is why I keep on encouraging everybody to work on their health too, even…

Episode 58

Why is it important to invest in mentorship?

If you would ask me what piece of advice I would give myself, I would say to find the right mentor, be coachable, and do the work. Why is having a mentor so important? Is it worth it to spend money on having a mentor to help you take 10-20 years of trial and error…

Episode 57

Investing in your own personal financial future

One thing I have realized being in the financial services industry is that people work for so long and they don't have any investments saved up for their future retirement. When I talk to the age group that's very close to retirement, I find it very sad that they have worked for around 40 years…

Episode 56

The mindset about investing- Day-1

Hello! It’s Angeline Wehmeyer, I am an entrepreneur’s guide to massive success. Today I would like to share with you a very important mindset about investing. Success in reality is only 80% mindset and 20% skill set. In this video I will break down exactly what it takes to become successful and how investing in your…

Episode 55

Building A Cash Flow Business: The quality of your question determines the quality of your life.

Success is 80% mindset, 20% skillset. Let's say you already have your vehicle to achieve success and you are willing to put in the effort to improve yourself, what would be the best way to get to your goals faster? Find a coach. Last year, my husband was getting his license to fly planes. There…

Episode 54

Building A Cash Flow Business: The quality of your question determines the quality of your life.

Success is 80% mindset, 20% skillset. Let's say you already have your vehicle to achieve success and you are willing to put in the effort to improve yourself, what would be the best way to get to your goals faster? Find a coach. Last year, my husband was getting his license to fly planes. There…

Episode 53

How do you build a cash flow engine so you can fund your investments?

When it comes to investing, I have always believed that the first step is to have a certain amount of cash flow to get started. You do not necessarily have to be rich to get started, but you have to get started to be rich. When I get consulted by people on their finances, I…

Episode 52

7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life- Day 7

7. Consistency and Discipline As a coach in the financial services industry, I have met so many people who take their dreams to me and ask for help to make them happen. I help layout plans and keep them accountable for their actions, and while some achieve their goals within the timeline they plan, some…

Episode 51

7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life- Day 6

6. Apply the proven wealth principle I have seen so many people skip this step and focus on just one thing to help them build wealth. The principle is just the same thing. Let's say you want to get healthy, how do you maintain your overall health? Do you just do one thing? Do you…

Episode 50

7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life- Day 5

5. Have a diversified investment strategy Like I mentioned, I work with a lot of solo entrepreneurs and business owners and I see that the mistake that we all make is that we only focus on one thing. Maybe you're a business owner and your business is your primary source of income, or maybe you're…

Episode 49

7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life- Day 4

4. Having a plan to have lifetime passive income Many of us aim to have financial freedom in our lives. We want to be able to work because we choose to and not because we want to, we want to travel, we want to do the things we love without worrying about money. In order…

Episode 48

7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life – Day 3

3. Multiple streams of income I do not remember where I heard about it, but it definitely made sense to me especially last year because of COVID-19. I have seen so many people who lost their health and income because they only relied on one or two streams of income. If you are someone who…

Episode 47

7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life- Day 2

2. Make sure you have a strong financial foundation Why is it so important to have the right protection plan? The mistake that I have seen many people make is that they are so focused on making money but forget about their foundation. In the previous step, I talked about how building wealth is like…

Episode 46

7 Steps to Create More Financial Success in Life – Day 1

I believe that people deserve to live life to the fullest without constantly worrying about money and that's why I am very passionate about teaching people how to invest and grow their money with this 7 step system.1. Having a well-diversified wealth blueprint Building wealth is the same thing as building a house. What is…

Episode 45

5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 5

Life is not a destination, it is a never-ending journey. Recently, I had this awakening inside of me. I used to think that life is all about achievement - doing the best at the highest level. That was my perception of life. I'm not sure if you've seen the movie Soul, but it is a…

Episode 44

5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 4

The challenges that we face in life. Sometimes, we get frustrated and we ask why we face the challenges that come our way. We ask why we can't do something, why we are not able, why things are happening to us. When I was younger, I only got to see my parents twice a month.…

Episode 43

5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 3

Health and wealth go hand in hand with each other. Our Creator gave us such healthy bodies from when we were babies, but as we age, we kinda take it for granted. We don't really connect with our own bodies and realize how much it is giving us to perform every day. Without a body…

Episode 42

5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 2

The precious present moment. Yesterday, we decided we will be grateful for the small things in life like water, electricity, food, etc. Today, as we continue with Day 2 of our Gratitude Challenge, I encourage you to be grateful for the precious present moment. When was the last time you connected and you were conscious…

Episode 41

5 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day 1

What does wealth creation have to do with gratitude? Success is 80% mindset, 20% skillset. Let's say you're on your journey to pursue wealth, but you're going through some financial crisis. If you keep beating yourself up and live in a state of anxiety because you're stressing about money, what kind of message do you…

Episode 40

What are the TOP 3 aspects of life you need to prioritize in 2021?

1. Health Having a healthy body and having full energy is very important. I have seen my own mother work so hard her whole life and sacrificed her health for money. She used her hard-earned money to try and buy her health back. A couple of years ago, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She…

Episode 39

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.” – Tony Robbins

How many of you would love to live life freely? Without constant worry about money? How many of you would love to enjoy life to the fullest, spend more time with your family, and do the things you really enjoy? My mission in life is to help people live a free life. A life that…

Episode 38

The Power of WHY

This weekend, I was listening to Simon Sinek's Start With Why. I watched his Youtube video when he was talking about Start With Why and it is so powerful because there are so many businesses out there and we always begin with "what we do" and "how we do it", but not many begin with…

Episode 37

How do you win BIG in 2021?

I attended a workshop and the speaker asked, "Are you interested in your goals even when things get tough?" You may come up with excuses but no matter what the circumstances are, you must be willing to do no matter what it takes. What is your big goal in 2021? Are you interested enough in…

Episode 36

Why do you go to work every day?

Many of you say you want financial independence and work hard for it, but have you ever wondered what that really means to you? Over the years, many of the people I've sat down with and spoken to tell me that they want to become financially independent, have financial security, and financial stability. But what…

Episode 35

Life is not a destination; it is an ongoing journey.

Over the holidays, my family and I saw a movie that really spoke to me. The story is about a music lover. He thought that when he became famous and fulfilled his dream, his life would be completely different. However, towards the end, he realized that it was still the same. That was how I…

Episode 34

Passion, Purpose, Path

In the past 2 weeks, I went on a retreat and took time for myself and my family. Normally, when I take time for myself and my family, I spend it watching some of my favorite shows. There's this singer in China that I follow, his name is Charlie Zhou, and I would like to…

Episode 33

The mistakes that we need to avoid during the holidays

How many of you are so excited about the holidays? I can sense the energy that's a little bit laid back and scattered from everybody, including myself. There's a lot of stimulation going on, so I would like to talk about the mistakes we need to avoid during this holiday season. 1. Health Many of…

Episode 32

The Importance of Mentorship

How many of you have had this feeling when you've had some success in your life, then you suddenly start to drip by self-sabotaging? Like when you've just started getting into a healthy routine or developed great eating habits and you fall out of it? If you go through this, you are definitely not alone.…

Episode 31

The Abundant Life

How many of you would love to live the life of abundance - to go on vacation with your family and not worry about paying bills, work, or money; to just enjoy yourself and enjoy life? Everything that you desire is absolutely possible. I can be a good example of that. I'm currently working on…

Episode 30

What is your vision for 2021?

You must be thinking, "Angeline, we're still in 2020, why are you talking about 2021 already?" - yes, because when the New Year comes, it will be too late already. Today, I am giving you an advantage while everybody else is still living in 2020, let's talk about your vision for 2021. Do you ever…

Episode 29

5 Deadly Mistakes

5 Deadly Mistakes that keep people from creating massive financial success in their lives 1. Instant Gratification I have seen so many people that keep on chasing after shiny objects. For example - the stock market, bitcoins, what is new, and what is popular. When people jump into ventures like these with the Instant Gratification…

Episode 28

I’ve got some exciting news.

Good Morning! Happy Thursday, I’ve got some exciting news. Registration Link: Https://gess360utah.eventbrite.com/aff=AWeh

Episode 27

Recent breakthrough and awakening from within

Today, I'd like to share with you my recent breakthrough and awakening from within. I feel like it is very important that I share it with you and I hope that it can add value to you.Every single day, we are so busy. We are busy going to work and building our businesses, but when…

Episode 26


My next guest is Sophia J Stavron, an intuitive coach and advisor, international speaker, #1 bestselling author, an executive producer of multiple Emmy and Telly award-winning films and music producer. I will interview her about how to EMBRACE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE!#BONUS! I’ll raffle a give-away LIVE during the show! This is…

Episode 25

My Interview with Sam Crowley

I owe a lot to Sam Crowley’s coaching. He recognized the power in my personal story and encouraged me to share it with the world. And so I did.  In this podcast, Sam takes a deeper dive into that story and how it made me the person and coach I am today. Thanks Sam.

Episode 24


My next guest is Glenn Hall - a world-renowned expert in the field of bodywork’s and specialist in performance body mechanics. He is the Co-Founder of CreateHealth Nevada and has designed the Body Make Over Program just for you. His passion is to empower health conscious individuals from all ages to see and feel the…

Episode 23


In this week's Episode of the Entrepreneurs Speaker Series I am thrilled to interview THE MASTER OF WEALTH CREATION Michael Silvers, the Executive Vice President Global Training for PowerTeam International, a business development company that offers 300+ trainings annually worldwide. Michael will share HOW TO program our brains to attract Abundance, Wealth and Create the…

Episode 22


Today, I am interviewing Mike Chu - good friend and High Performer  He will share all things motivation, inspiration, vision, entrepreneurship, power of rejection and mindset. Ask Questions during the Livestream, and get direct feedback on the call . GIVE-AWAY! I am excited to announce that I’ll do a give-away LIVE during the show:  We’re…

Episode 21

LIVE Interview With Bill Walsh

Ask your questions during the Livestream, and get direct feedback from inside his brilliant mind. BONUS! I am thrilled to announce that I’ll do a give-away LIVE during the show: a Coaching Session directly with Bill’s Team. So tune in and take advantage of this unique opportunity! I am going live using StreamYard! Before leaving…

Episode 20

My Interview with Rob N. Zweerman

I recently spoke with Rob Zweerman, entrepreneur, owner and co-founder of Elite Circle Coaching. Rob has mentored high-impact entrepreneurs, helped launched businesses online, and changed lives through his workshops, live appearances, and education programs. In this interview, we discuss my journey towards becoming an entrepreneur and financial coach.

Episode 19

Finding Your Financial Voice

When it comes to finance, women often struggle with financial independence. Many of the  women I work with are eager to master personal finance management and invest with confidence. In “The Female Entrepreneur” podcast, Host Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser and I discuss these challenges and how women can overcome them and claim financial freedom on their…

Episode 18

My Biggest Breakthrough

Have you ever worried about what people think about you? Have you felt judged? Has your confidence been shaken personally and professionally? If so, I can relate and have experienced similar struggles in my life as well. In this podcast, I explore this issue and how you can overcome the challenge and move beyond it…

Episode 17

Everything Happens for a Reason

We are living in challenging times. This year’s public health emergency has had a tremendous impact on the financial wellbeing of millions of individuals and families. But with this crisis also comes an opportunity to truly think about how you can make permanent changes in your life like pursuing those investment or business dreams.  In…

Episode 16

How I Rose to the Challenge

Recently, I joined George Wu on his podcast “Navigating the Rise” to discuss my system for helping others create a lifestyle filled with health & wealth, joy & abundance. I share some of the personal life experiences that brought me to where I am today.

Episode 15

Women Empowerment & Success

I joined Pamela Nicole Hibbler,  CEO and Co-Founder of TechMae ™ Mobile App, a new social networking app built for women, for a conversation on women empowerment and success. In this podcast, we discussed my upbringing, my family and some of the experiences that inspired me to become an entrepreneur and coach.

Episode 14

How to Achieve Success

The fastest way to achieve success is to first help others succeed. Yet, there seems to be a belief in the business world that the only way to get ahead is to only watch out for ‘number one’. That is simply not the case. Our greatest successes in life often come through helping others to…

Episode 13

Practice Makes Perfect. Or Does It?

When I started to learn the game of golf, I quickly grew frustrated by the process. I thought if I wasn’t instantly successful, it was pointless. But golf, like financial success, is a long game. Before you play, you must practice. Practice your game, practice your craft.  The journey to become an entrepreneur was not…

Episode 12

Do What You Love and You’ll Never Work a Day

My dance teacher once told me that he could teach from 8 am until midnight. He enjoys it so much, he doesn’t feel it’s working. In this podcast, I explore life and passion.  What’s your passion in life? What’s something you enjoy doing so much that even without getting paid?  Comment below and share your…

Episode 11

The Power of Vision!

Life is full of challenges and difficulties beyond our control. But what we CAN control is how we choose to respond to these moments. If you find yourself living in chaos, it’s time to create the ultimate vision for your life! What’s your vision? Comment below and share with me.

Episode 10

Be Present, Be Fulfilled

In this video, I share my personal story. The old me was so driven by success and achievement that I never knew how to enjoy life. Through constant and consistent personal growth, I transformed. I realized life is a journey, not a destination. And I now enjoy every moment. When I’m with my kids, I’m…

Episode 9

Instant Gratification Kills

I don’t have patience and I want things fast. This is one of the first mistakes of my career. Over the years, I’ve learned that anything worthwhile takes time and patience, and eventually I started to adopt that mindset. And it changed my life.  It can change yours too!

Episode 8

It’s All Up to You!

I was driving and listening to Tony Robbins’s CDs. Suddenly, tears were streaming down my face.  They were tears of gratitude. I’m grateful for the mentors and messages that have impacted my life.  I want to be that mentor for you and hope that I can make a difference in your life. We only live…

Episode 7

You have greatness inside you!

We’re often our own worst critics. You may not see yourself how others see you - your strength, your talents and your success. But it’s time to embrace compliments, praise and opportunity and see the greatness inside you.

Episode 6

The Key to Financial Independence

Sometimes we let fear guide our way. I was very nervous when I made a big decision to speak at the National events with Bill Walsh. I forced myself to overcome that fear and let myself focus on the people who might benefit from my story and my message.  When opportunity presents itself, don’t hesitate.…

Episode 5

How to Become Financially Independent

Are you looking to build financial security for your family? You may have the desire, but you also feel frustrated too. I’d like to share with you how to become financially independent and create wealth for you and for your family. I’m offering a free 20 minutes consultation with me and let’s put together your…

Episode 4

Work Hard and Play Hard!

I only know how to work. It wasn’t until I married my husband that I learned how to slow down and enjoy life.  Like me, you may be driven and hardworking. I’d like to encourage you to take a pause and do something for yourself - relax and rejuvenate. You’ll be stronger and more passionate…

Episode 3

A Nod to Coach Crowley!

It was my first time in Ohio and I came to meet with Sam Crowley to discuss how to take my business to the next level. When I arrived at my hotel, I saw a gift bag with a handwritten note by him. The words of encouragement in that card really touched my heart. Sam…

Episode 2

What’s Your Definition of Financial Abundance?

My purpose is to empower families to create the financial abundance needed to live their dream. In order to do this, you need a clear destination about where you want to go and what you want to achieve. Write down your goal and start dreaming about it. That’s the first step to financial independence.

Episode 1

3 reasons why to become an Entrepreneur

I’d like to share with you the top 3 reasons for becoming an entrepreneur. Would you like to make more money? Do you wish you had more time? Want to tap into your true potential?  Let’s talk.

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