In the Podcast, I share the story of my dance teach that he can teach lessons from 8am until midnight. He enjoys it so much, he doesn’t feel it’s working. He enjoys helping others through dancing.
What’s your passion in life? What’s something you enjoy doing so much that even without getting paid.
Comment below and share your passion with me!

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Life is always full of challenges and difficulties, that’s out of control. But we can control ourselves, we can choose to either focus on the problem or our vision.
If you find yourself live in the chaos, maybe now it’s the time to create the ultimate vision for your life!
What’s your vision Comment below and share with me.
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In this video I share my personal story, the old me used to be so driven by success and achievement, I never know how to enjoy life.
Through constant and consistent personal growth, I have breakthrough myself. I realize life is journey, not a destination, I now enjoy every moment, when I’m with my kids, I’m present for them. When I’m with my friends, I’m present with them. When I work, I fully focus.
I hope from my personal experience, it will add value to your life.
Live in the moment!