Investing in your own personal financial future


One thing I have realized being in the financial services industry is that people work for so long and they don’t have any investments saved up for their future retirement.

When I talk to the age group that’s very close to retirement, I find it very sad that they have worked for around 40 years and still do not have enough for their retirement. This is how I realized that it is because of a few things: Nobody taught them how to invest, how to create their own financial blueprints and to follow them step by step, and the importance of being insured and protected. That is why they end up wasting a lot of time.

I also talk to a lot of younger adults, those in their 20’s, who are already working hard and earning their money. When I ask them what they plan to do with their money, they say they do not know either.

It is good that you make money, that is step 1. Step 2, you pay yourself first. Save it and invest it in your future. You can begin with a couple of hundred dollars a month, and create your passive income from there.

I can tell you so many stories about all the young adults I’ve helped who began with a few hundred dollars and have now added millions to their retirement funds. I am so grateful that I can use the knowledge that I have about investing to empower myself and so many other people.

When you are younger, maybe in your 20’s or 30’s, retirement may seem like a long way ahead. But that’s not what I mean when I talk about retirement. I do not mean staying at home and doing nothing. Retirement is when you get to the point where you work because you choose to, and not because you have to.

If you aren’t saving up for that today, what will you have in the future? What is the point of earning money if you are just going to give it back to the businesses?

I believe in multiple streams of income and that’s why I always encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to set aside a portion of what they earn towards their future investments. This will give you more peace of mind and it makes you less stressed because you know that you have multiple streams of income. You can focus on your business and work harder on it without worrying about your future.

Start setting aside a small portion towards financial freedom. Make that mindset shift and stop looking at your investment as an expense. These are money seeds you’re planting to grow into a money tree that will support you in the future.

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