What are the TOP 3 aspects of life you need to prioritize in 2021?


1. Health

Having a healthy body and having full energy is very important.

I have seen my own mother work so hard her whole life and sacrificed her health for money. She used her hard-earned money to try and buy her health back. A couple of years ago, she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She has fully recovered, but she spent over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of my most important goals in 2021 is to have more energy and become healthier. Health is not an area that I am very passionate about. I am not a health coach, but I have no idea how to do it. I am very grateful that someone introduced me to my current trainer because I wouldn’t be able to take care of my health without her.

Find a coach that will keep you accountable and encourage you to work on your health. My coach is always there for me and holds me accountable, but among everything else, she has my best interests at heart.

2. Relationship

Relationships with everybody are very important. In the past year, I have been very busy. Before COVID-19, I was in different cities for different events and I realized that I already forgot about the connections that I have in my life.

Last week, I called one of my friends and we spoke for about an hour. The connection gave me a lot of energy.

Furthermore, focus on your relationship with your spouse and kids – your family. We do not learn this in school. We learn it from our parents. If you grew up in a close-knit and loving family, you’re very lucky. But if you grew up like me, where my parents were always away to earn money, it will be challenging.

Have that desire to become better and to foster your connections to have someone to share your successes with. Success without fulfillment is a failure.

3. Wealth

People often say, “If you have time but no money, what good does it do? If you have money but no time or good health, what good will all this wealth do?”

My whole life, I was very driven by financial independence to study and invest in myself to build a business out of wealth creation. I developed a passion for this because I did not have a childhood as my parents were working so hard all the time to earn money. I have always told myself that I didn’t ever want the same thing to happen to my children and my family.

Money helps you get better health and build better relationships. Financial independence and stability will help you get better food, a better health coach, and more time to foster the connections you have in life.

Today, take time to assess your life.

From 1-10, how healthy are you? How connected are you with your friends and family? How comfortable are you financially?

If you find yourself with high numbers, I am very happy for you! If you do not have very great results, it is not too late. I have recently launched my webinar called Cracking The Wealth Code – where I tell you the 3 most powerful secrets to building wealth and making a difference. Come to my workshop, realize that wealth is bigger than just money, and add value to your life.

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