Why is it important to invest in mentorship?


If you would ask me what piece of advice I would give myself, I would say to find the right mentor, be coachable, and do the work.

Why is having a mentor so important? Is it worth it to spend money on having a mentor to help you take 10-20 years of trial and error out of the equation or would you rather spend those 10-20 years figuring it out on your own?

I have a couple of great mentors in my life right now and without them, I wouldn’t have the personal growth that I have achieved.

Sometimes, there are moments we get stuck and we become unable to see through the fog around us. Our energy is all over the place and we become difficult to deal with. These moments happen to us all and the best way to get through them is to do it with a mentor.

Mentors and coaches see what you cannot and they will guide you and help you move forward. The better you’re feeling and the more vivid your path is, the more you are able to function and perform in your everyday life.

Mentorship could cost a lot, but it is an investment that is worth making. The return on investment is your personal growth. If you do not have enough to spare for this investment yet, that’s okay. When you begin generating more money, make sure to set aside a small portion that will go to your mentorship.

Today, I am encouraging you and I am planting these seeds in your head so that when you have the means and you’re finally able to make the investment, your mind will be ready.

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